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are specialists in estimating the value of real property. Real property consists of land, buildings, and natural resources such as water, oil, or minerals. Estimates of value, known as appraisals, are made when property is bought, sold, assessed, taxed, condemned, insured,
or mortgaged. They may also be required in divorce actions, when partnerships are dissolved, and when property is listed as a business asset.
Appraisers, especially independent fee appraisers, may give expert testimony in court. They may also act as consultants


Scopul evaluarii proprietatilor imobiliare, respectiv constructii si terenuri, este :


  • Sa ajute potentialii cumparatori in deciziile lor de a oferi preturi de cumparare.
  • Sa ajute potentialii vanzatori de a determina preturi de vanzare acceptabile.
  • Sa stabileasca o baza pentru schimbul de proprietati imobiliare.
  • Sa determine conditiile de plata pentru o anumita tranzactie.



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